Thursday, September 6, 2007

This class sucks

This class is really boring. Its supposed to be a really live class with lots of discussion and conversations, considering its a class for a course as vague as 'IT and future'. Mostly it because of the professor. Apparently He is new to this subject matter and to the 3 and half hours of class format. i can tell he is an experienced guy, but he fails miserably trying to pass it on to us. This sucks...

I am so bored, I am writing this blog while he is still speaking. He is practically reciting something from the book. I dont know what. He keeps refering to his job to give example, some of them totally irrelevant to the subject matter he is trying to teach. blah blah blah...

You might be wondering why I am complaining about boring class. Most people find and expect classes to be dull. I however expect more exciting classes. Especially since this is supposed to be IT class, I have lot to say. But everyone else seems to be sleeping or browsing net, I would rather keep quite. I am tired, almost starving and sleepy after whole day of work. It would help if classes were more fun, but no luck there.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

One hell of a weekend... Part 2

As I was saying, We had momo party yesterday, which was Saturday. Today 8 of us went to Wichita falls. This place is in Texas. Its about 2 hours drive from Oklahoma City. Its a funny story actually. When we decided to go to Wichita falls, all of us thought that other person knew about this place. After we went half the way, we realized none of us knew for sure if there was a waterfall in Wichita fall. We has only assumed it from the name.

it turned out that the water fall that Wichita is known for is a small man made "waterfall" inside a park. Anyways, it was a fun place.

By the way, if I look like I have gained a few pounds, its because I cut my hair short again. :)

One hell of a weekend...Part 1

This weekend was all about fun. Last Saturday, We invited new Nepali guys and girls who came to Oklahoma this semester for a momo party. This party rocked. Momo, few cans (actually 36) of beer, blazing music made this night a whole lot of fun. It was especial for me because I made some new friends and amended a few old ones. It was really a blast.

Here are some of the pics from this party.

Here are the momos. It was not as tasty as the ones that we have back at home, but it was momo nevertheless. THese are turkey momos by the way.

Making momos...


The party ended at about 2:00 am after the 2 hour session of Antaksheri between this team...

...and this team.

This happened on Saturday night. On Sunday We went to Wichita falls. This story is for the 2nd part.

Monday, August 27, 2007

My new classes and new life

My classes started today. I got transferred to another University, so it was a new place, new professor, new subject and new friends. Though being tired and almost starving, I was amazingly able to be attentive in the class. It may be because of excitement of taking classes after almost 3 months of "work all you can" summer, but I listened to all the things the professor said. It was not easy mind you. Because classes here run for whole 3 and half hours!!! And I got away with watching the clock only 3 times around the end of classes.

I took Organization and Operation management today. I have one more class this week on Thursday. I think its Information technology and future, but I am not sure. I will look it up tomorrow. By the way, last two days were my first free weekend ever. This was the first time after coming to US that I didn't work in the weekends. This might not seem like a big deal to you, but you should ask other guys here, who work in all the shifts they can find so that they can afford to pay the tuition fees.

If you haven't realized already, I am in better moods nowadays. I got a good job,(thats the reason , I can afford to take weekends off). Stupid summer is over, so I am not working extra hours. i have moved to better house. Classes have started. I have better friends now. And I hear good news about my home. I am really amazed at the way things have turned around for me these days. It must be my parents blessings. I have no words enough to thank them. Love you mom. Love you dad.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

EB Pearls dream(ing?) team

It must be at least 5 months earlier that I came up with this idea for the blog. But quite obviously, I had forgotten about it. But today as I was checking for things to delete in my laptop, I stumbled upon these picture that I collected as I said 5 months ago.

I do realize that most if not all of people including me are not working in EB Pearls anymore. However it still seemed as funny as hell. One point I will like to point out here and I can't stress it enough is that I do NOT have any hard feelings about EB Pearls. In fact I liked it there. I mean how can I not? It was my first job and I made really great friends there. So here is, with out further ado, the EB Pearls dream(ing?) team.

And ya, Any current or ex EB Pearls employee who wishes to join EB pearls dream(ing?) team please send me your picture with eyes closed.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Man, its been a long time

It has been a long time since I was here doing this. and by 'this' I mean writing a blog, if you didn't get it. What brings be back you say. Well I just visited which is the website launched by 'geico insurance'. Geico has created a unique character, 'a caveman' who gets offended, because their ad says "Gieco insurance, its so easy a caveman could do it." They are really pushing around with this caveman idea for their marketing. They have whole bunch of TV commercials, that centers around this caveman character having an existential breakdown, because of their ads. They even launched this site

Anyways, the point is that I visited this site, and this caveman character has maintained a blog. and if the caveman can write a blog, so can I.

Well may be not today, I need to go back to work. Its been two hour since I came to office and I have not started working.

Oh ya, I almost forgot, I need to call my bank too. later...

However, a quick note. If you dont have a clue what I was babbling about, try searching for caveman ads from geico, you will understand...or may be not, if you are a caveman.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Rain. Don't you just love it?

If I ever said, i didn't like rain, it was a lie. I just love it when it rains. The sound, the scent that rises when the rain first hits the dry ground, the blurry vision, everything makes me happy. The more violent, move I love it. It has a strange effect on my mood.

Rain, to me can represent any emotions. When you are sad, rain feels like someone is doing all the crying for you. Like everyone is sad because you are sad. So you don't have to shed any tears. Its as if the whole world is sad because you are in a bad mood. and that can make your heart a little lighter.

When you are happy, rain just adds to the fun. Ever watched the rain in the light at night time. When the wind blows them, every drop of water falling from sky seems as if they are dancing to the song of the water hitting the ground. I love that rhythm. Makes my heart as light at the clouds that rains come from.

Rain is romantic too. Think of walking in the rain, holding hands of that special someone you love. Think of forgetting to open the umbrella that you have in your other hand. Also laughing about it after realizing that you have umbrella. But still not opening that umbrella. Just think...

I cannot help but go outside and watch at least once when it rains. Thats what I just did and came back to write this blog. If you are reading this, and its raining, its just one hell of a coincidence. However that has a little chance of happening. Still, I know once thing for sure. That next time when it rains, you will think of me at least once...and that makes rain more special to me.

Monday, June 11, 2007

tomorrow...I promise

I was sure I will have something to write here today, but apparently I have gotten too lazy for this now...Tomorrow I promise. Anyways here is a cute kid that lives in the apartment next to mine. He reminds me of my bhanja so much. This little guy mixes english and Spanish when he talks. So we understand nothing of what he says. So we talk with him in Nepali.

Monday, May 28, 2007

TV tv tv

You know what? TV is a fascinating thing. I have been watching it for 3 hours and there hasn't be a single thought in my mind for all that time. So at this point i really have no idea what I came here to post.

Oh ya, I remember now. I got a new job. It is nearer to my apartment so the things did turn out for better after all.

hmm...back to the show now/

Monday, May 21, 2007


Hey for all you there asking me about my "halchal". Here is news. I got fired from one of my job today. And I have no idea how I feel about it. I know I need to work and work a lot on summer so that I will have enough money for the next summer. but I don't have to go to work tomorrow...and that somehow makes me feel a lot good.

TV rots your mind

Yes no... may be
I don't know.
Can you repeat the question
You're not the boss of me now
You're not the boss of me now
You're not the boss of me now
and you're not so big


life is unfair.

If anyone has noticed, I haven't really posted anything here for a long time now. I have been busy past week, I had to work like crazy. Not really my choice, but few people left work and I had to fill their place. This week I plan to go easy on myself. But the fact that I was busy is not really the reason I went cold.

I have been watching TV. And by TV I mean watching the TV shows in my laptop of course. Thats all I do nowadays actually. I have been watching 'Malcolm in the middle' lately. This show is hilarious. Believe it or not, I am currently on my 46th episode. And I am quite sure that I will finish watching at least 5 more episodes before I finish writing this.

Its basically all I do nowadays. I go to work, come back to the apartment and watch TV. I stay up really late. I open laptop as soon as I get up just to watch more. I have tons of things that needs to be done. Enrollment for next semester's classes is just one of those things. But I have got no time for that. I have to watch TV. may be next week...

Hey, by the way Gaurav, Malcolm reminds me of you very much. He is smart, witty and totally weird...

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

290 dollars in a dirty pant

I always check the pockets of my clothes before I toss them into the laundry basket. That was exactly what I was doing today, when suddenly, I found a stash of money in one of them. Guess how much was it. It was two hundreds and ninety dollars!!!

I was more surprised than happy. I couldn't remember where that money come from and that freaked me. It must have been one of my salaries. But how could I have been so negligent? It must have been months since that money was there because I couldn't even remember how I got that money. So I decided I would take the money straight to the bank.

But the problem was, I was almost already late for work. But I had made up my mind. I couldn't be so careless with my hard-earned money. So with this spirit of self-improvement, I called work at told that I will be a little late called the work to tell them I will be a little late and went straight to the bank to deposit the money.

After depositing the money, I went straight to work. I told one of my friends there that I found two hundred ninety dollars in my dirty clothes. He was nagging me for a treat when my cell phone rang. It was my room partner. I was eager to tell him about my fortune, but he cut me short. He asked me If I found his money.


"Ya, I had about 300 in one of my pant, did you find it by any chance?"

So that was where the money had come. I couldn't remember how I got that money, because I never really got that. The pant that I found belonged to my room partner. You know how it is right, All the jeans pant look basically the same. I was so embarrassed...and out of words, I found it hard to explain him how I got his money.

Monday, May 7, 2007


I really really want to write something here today, but my mind is too crowded. I am trying best to concentrate on one subject, but there is just too many things in my mind. Or may be there is nothing in my mind right now..i don't know what is true. may be I am thinking too much.

I don't feel that good today. Its 3:42 am and although sleepy, I don't want to go to bed. I have nothing to do...but I don't want to go to bed. I am afraid, I may not get asleep soon...afraid, I might start to think about the things, I don't want to think about right now.

There is a storm outside. The wind, the rain...they are making strange noises. Back in the home, I would be enjoying them. I used to love it when it rained. I would go to the roof of my house to catch the rain. I would my room's windows to let the wind come inside. But here,...they scare me. Wind...leave me alone.

Alone. I am not alone. I have friends here, whom I have known for more than 4 months now. These are good bunch of peoples you know. You may not know this, coz' you have never met them. But as I said, I have been living with them for four months and these are good people. So i am not really alone...but I am definitely lonely, lonely as hell.

Let me ask you a question. Just after you get awake in the morning, before you get up from the bed, what do you think about? Do you think about all the things that you will do in this new day. Do you think like...hmmm...what is one good thing that will happen today? when will I smile today? When will I feel good today? If you do think like this, what will you do if you have nothing to hope for? nothing to expect...

Well you just get up anyways and start to brush your teeth right? Thats exactly what I do here. Every freaking day...I get up and brush my teeth.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Summer starts today

It seems like only yesterday when I came to US. But today, my first semester is over. Summer starts from tomorrow. Some students are happy about it because, for them summer means fun, but for us summer means work. more and more work. I feel tired even thinking about it.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

...contd. When it comes to family...US is all screwed up...

As I was saying, its just different here. People here are very courteous to strangers. When you walk past a total stranger, he might just ask you, 'hey buddy how are you doing?' or he will smile at you for the least. So its very surprising for me when people here are not that nice to their own family members.

Let me now go to the second incident I mentioned earlier. This happened a few days ago. This time again, a girl came to my store and asked to buy beer. She didn't at all looked like she was 21, so I asked her to show her ID. She told me that she didn't had ID on her, but the beer was for her mother. I told her that I couldn't sell her beer unless she showed me her ID and told her to go.

She came in after few minutes with who appeared to be her mother. The mother looked irritated and asked me why I didn't give beer to her daughter. The girl stood by her with the 'I told you so' face. As i was explaining the mother that I couldn't possibly sell beer to the underage, no matter who it was for, a guy stormed into the store.

He was dead drunk and stinking like hell. He began cursing me for not allowing the girl to buy the beer. 'You *&%*, never check the *#&*ing high school kids for their ID, but ask her for ID....!' I knew it was useless talking with that guy, but I asked the girl if he was her father. She made a face and said, 'Ew! no! He is just her boyfriend.' So you might be thinking he was shouting at me because he loved the girl, but he was just trying to impress her mother.

Now I thought they would leave and I wouldn't have to smell the stinking guy, but there was a twist coming up. The guy heard the girl's 'Ew!' and was offended. He now turned towards the girl and began cursing her. 'So you don't think I am good enough to be your father, you bitch...if you were my daughter, I would give you poison'. If he was her real father, she would have probably drunk that poison, but thats not my real problem. All the time he was cursing her girl, the mom was just smiling. And when I looked at her, she just shrugged her shoulder like she was saying, 'Look at that! My boyfriend is shouting at my little girl again. What can I do?'

As I said earlier, I do realize that I cannot generalize some people's behavior to all the US families. But to me, these people do provide some insight to the degrading values in the American families.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

When it comes to family...US is all screwed up...

America may be about many things, but family value is not one of it. I am not saying Americans do not love their family. But the customs are definitely different here. Once the child becomes 18, parents have no legal right over them. So they can do whatever they wish and the presence of parent barely makes a difference.

As usual, my observations are based on the people I meet at the stores where I work. Father and son come together in the store and buy food separately. A girl breaks up with her fiance, because he stole one cigarette from her purse. I do realize however, that with this very limited exposure with Americans as a family, my observations may be exceptions rather than a rule. But let me share two different incidents which has just added to my belief.

Last Friday, a girl came to the store and asked for cigarettes. I asked for her ID, even though I knew she was 18. She hadn't brought it with her. I told her I couldn't sell cigarette to her if she didnt had ID. So she turned towards her mother, who had just bought a pack of cigarettes from me and asked her to buy a pack for her. Thankfully her mother refused. However her mother didn't refuse because it was ethically (and legally) wrong to buy cigarettes for minor. This is what she said, "No, no. i am not buying any cigarettes for you. You never do anything for me. You never help around the house, you don't work, you don't go to school. You are just a pain in my ass. I am not doing anything for you...".

Now after hearing all that, I thought that girl would leave the store, but she kept pleading. "please mama, I need the smoke.". So now the mother blew the cigarette she was smoking in the girl's face and said, "You need a smoke, here it is." As the smoke blew past her face, I could see the anger rising up in the girl's face.

"You are such a bitch...thats why dad left you...", she cried.

The mother has obviously heard these word before, because she wasn't as upset as i thought she would be. She was angry nevertheless. She began, "Don't you dare...I will burn you with the cigarette you need so much..."

At this point, I could take it no more and other customers were also getting irritated, so I told them to get the hell out of my store.

Now whats wrong with this whole picture? First of all, the girl had guts to ask her mother to but cigarettes for her. Secondly, the mother, instead of upsetting over her daughter's smoking habit, is more concerned that she doesn't help her.

to be continued...

Sunday, April 22, 2007

I am out of blue days now. I am trying to enjoy here in any ways I can. With this good spirit i went to the temple yesterday. I just want to share some photos with you all. This temple is the only temple in Oklahoma.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

about classes...

I almost fell asleep during my classes today. Even though it was Economics(for which I have developed special interest) class, I had hard time trying to keep myself awake. Well what do you expect? Last night I slept at 4:00am then woke up at 7:30am to go to work. I came back from work at 4:30 and went to class at 6:00pm. I was exhausted, starving and sleepy... and the professor was talking about price of money. will be the same story tomorrow. And I even have an exam tomorrow...Welcome to the American life...

BTW can anyone tell me what is the price of money :) ?

Friday, April 13, 2007

Happy New year 2064

I think I am finally out of at least 3 weeks long 'great depression' period.

I didn't realize that today was new year's eve according to Nepali calender until my friends from Nepal told me. We haven't make any plans here. But lets see what happens tomorrow.

Happy New Year 2064 to everyone. May this new year bring you samyak happiness.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Condolences for my sore throat

I have been getting some really strange response from people when I tell that about my sore throat. Everyone is giving me their own homemade solutions. It is not unusual for people to give suggestions when you say you have some health problem, but lets look at what I got.

First of all, I got condolences for my neck! ya condolences. A Bengali guy who works with me at the store actually said, "You have my condolences for your bad neck." Almost as if my throat was dead. He wasn't trying to be mean or funny. Its just that he has very bad English. I didn't knew what to say to that. I wanted to laugh, but my throat hurt when I laughed, so I just said "Thank you."

The boss at one of the store I work at asked me why I was speaking in such a small voice. When I said, I had a sore throat and it hurt when i speak, this is what he had to say. "Amit, you should drink tea. You know what tea is?" Yaaa...I know what tea is. "You should also put lemon on it. You know lemon... its those green things...wait I will show you." You don't have to show me the lemon. I f&*^ing know what lemon is. Of course, I didn't say that out loud, but he on the other hand did bring me a lemon. He didn't give it to me, just showed me how the lemon looked like. Then he asked me, "Do you know where you can buy these?"

Then there were my friends and family from Nepal, who had their own recipes, but weren't sure whether I could get the ingredients here. Songs asked me if I can get 'beshar' (turmeric) here. Our dear Mr. Raju asked me if I can find 'aduwa' (ginger) and 'marich' here. My aunt had the funniest question. She asked me If I can buy salt here in US. I mean come on...beshar, ginger, marich, i can understand, but Salt! Why wouldn't you be able to find salt here?

Friends, i beg you not to take me in a wrong way. I really appreciate your concern and am very grateful for your suggestions. Its just that some of the conversations I had were really funny. And ya, with your good wishes, I am doing OK now. No need to give any condolences. :)

Scary events...

I had quite a day today. First of all, I almost had an car accident. i was trying to take a left turn, and didn't see the car coming from the side. It must be my lucky day, coz' noting really happened. If I was delayed even one more second, I would have been hit by two cars at the same time.

Next thing that happened was at the store. I was working as usual, and this guy comes in. I didn't realize then, but he must have been high. He paid for the gas and left. After sometime, I went outside to turn the lights on, and he was there. Suddenly he shouted at me. I thought he was just joking, but then he threw something at me. I realized that he was serious, and tried to ignore him. But he came running towards me. He came close to me, pointed his fist towards my face and began to shout in Spanish. He was all angry and crazy. He didn't hit me right away,but I calmly came inside the store. He stood at the door and kept on shouting. I knew he wouldn't dare com inside because of the camera. But it was really scary situation. It was also very strange coz' i still don't know what i did to tick him off so bad.

If you plan to come here in US and work in the stores, you better know the kind of neighborhood you are working on...Too many crazy people here.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Whats wrong with Oklahoma?

No, really. Whats wrong with Oklahoma? Weather-wise, this place seems to be cursed. After two weeks of really hot days, today it was suddenly very cold. And by cold, I mean really really cold. I had to return back to my apartment from work to get a jacket. It didn't snow, but then wind blowing at 13 mph had ice in it, which you could see, by the way.

Normally, cold weather doesn't bring me down, but as i said earlier, this place is wretched. I have a sore throat and it hurts when I swallow. If I were at home, I would have declared myself sick, but here, it doesn't matter. Who cares anyways...?

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Send me a SMS

Hello everyone,

you can now send me a SMS!

Just go to

I will be rally happy to get SMS from you guys.
Please bear in mind however that I get charged for the SMS that I receive, so please don't go crazy with it. :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

hilarious mail...

I am supposed to be working right now, but I cant help it. I recently got a mail and this is really funny. It could and most probably is a junk that everyone gets, but its still funny as hell. So I am posting it here. I would very much like to reply to this mail. May be you guys should give me any suggestions as to what to write.

This is how the mail goes.

From : amit joshi {}
Sent : Wednesday, April 4, 2007 5:12 AM
To : ;

I hope I got the right email address...Sweeto, you can not just shut me out like that adn act like i don't exiist. Iam still your wife and u are my husband...please come to ur senses and tell me what you want us to do because iam tried of living alone and being alone waiting on you.. iam not going to go into more detial just in case this is not the right email address..i hope that if it is the right email address that i will hear from you...i did get ur message on the 19th and you said you would call the next week and it has been two weeks..not sure what is going on overthere...remmeber only the positive we met...where we used to go..our songs..and why we fell in LOVE etc.. also, you have to remmeber that i have a heart that aches every day and need answeres...I am not a toy...iits been four months now and we should come up with something..ieither sign the papers or come up with a solution...not fair for me ..if this is not the right email address..sorry

But the fact this came from another Amit Joshi( check out his email address makes it even funnier. i think someone sent this mail to him, and he forwarded it to me thinking I was the one this mail was really intended for. May be I should forward this mail to more Amit Joshi s around the world.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

That interseting thing...

I know I promised to write soon, but...Well I don't really have a good reason. May be i was too busy or may be too tired. Or may be both. I thinks its both.


The interesting thing I was talking about didn't really happened to me. I just happened to be there when this happened. So as usual I was working on the store. There was another guy, who is from Palestine by the way working with me. We call him A.K. He is perhaps 15 to 20 years older than me. He has been here in USA for about 5 years now and he seems to be very confident in his ways. It was late into the night, perhaps 11:30 pm or so. There were few people in the store and I was doing this and that.

A girl came in the store. She was perhaps 16 or 17. I know for sure that she was not 18 yet, coz' she wanted to buy some cigarettes and when I asked for an ID, she said she didn't have one. And since unlike Nepal, where a person can and usually does send his 5 year old son to buy a cigarette, it is illegal in US to sell tobacco based products to under 18 people, i refused to give her the cigarettes. She didn't say anything and began to browse the store.

She stopped besides a hanger where we have few T-Shirts. She asked for a price on one of them. Before I could answer, AK jumped in and told her that it was 12 dollars + tax. She fumbled around her pockets and took out everything she got. She quietly counted the money and told him that all she had was 9 dollars 50 cents. She then took turn between asking me and AK, if she could have it in $9.50. I of course said no, but then AK said something that shocked me. He told her that she could have it in 9.50 if she was ready to change into that T-Shirt then and there.

What shocked me more was that she was considering it. She asked, "Here...?", to which AK said, 'ya, you got any problem with that?' She looked around. There were at least 7 more people in the store. She said, "Not really." and began to take off the T-shirt she was wearing. Everyone in the store shopped whatever they were doing and looked in to her direction. She took off her shirt and struggled with new T-shirt for sometime and finally got it down her shoulders.

Now, i know that some of you may be thinking, so whats the big deal? Its US. But the girl i am talking about didn't look like she needed to put on a show to get 3 dollars off in a T-shirt. She was wearing good clothes. she had come in a nice car. you could tell that she wasn' know what. She had done it just for fun. May be you are right...this is US...whats the big deal?

And the last word. I leave it to your imagination to decide if or not she was wearing anything inside her T-shirt.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Two shifts of work tomorrow and the bad weather...

Ya I have to work two shifts tomorrow. My boss at one of the place I work at has gotten sick because he got soaked in the rain. He asked for a favor and i couldn't say no. So I will be opening his store tomorrow. I will work there from 7:00 am to 2:00 pm and then go to another store to work from 4:00 pm to midnight. I am tired just by thinking about the long day tomorrow.

It might seem to you all that I am only writing about my work woes here in the blog. But thats what life is her for me right now. All work and no play. I have no fun here at all. I did go to watch a movie yesterday, but was too tired to even enjoy it. If I have any good time, I will post it, I promise.

By the way, Oklahoma is having very bad weather condition. It rained all day, and there has been at least 3 tornado warnings in our area over the past 2 days. The ambulances come at the store to get gas. They have been pretty busy these past two days and the stories I have heard from the drivers are scary...

One Interesting thing did happen at the store today, but I will write about it some other time. I have to sleep now.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

US experience...

This happened to me a few days ago. Most of you probably already know that I am working on a gas station here in US. In this store, we accept food stamps. For those of you who don't already know food stamps are provided by government to the people with very little or no income at all so that they don't die of starvation. This means that lot of homeless people come to this store. They are sometimes quite a nuisance as they try to steal things.

Well on this day that I am talking about, there were two of us working on the counter. I was attending to the customer and the other guy was doing something else. As I am taking customers (there was a line of three or four people at that time), I see a person in wheelchair come in to the store. He looked old and sick. Someone held the door opened for him so that he could enter. I casually looked at him and continued to work.

As I took care of all the customers in the line, I looked for the guy in the wheelchair. I was thinking that may be he needed help with something. I couldn't find him in store. Then I saw him going out of the store. I looked at him and thought about how hard life must be for him. A old the wheelchair...homeless.

Then suddenly I realized that he had something in is lap. He didn't have nothing when he came in to the store. I asked my friend working with me if the guy in the wheelchair has bought anything. But before he could reply I ran out of the store and saw what the old guy had in his lap. It was a 18 pack cans of beer!!!. The old sick guy in the wheelchair had stolen a 18 pack cans of beer! from under my nose.

I stood there looking at him, not sure what to do. When the other guy asked me why I had run out, I told him that I think that guy in wheelchair has stolen the beers. I came to my senses, when he shouted, "Well what are you looking for then? go catch him." I shouted, "SIRRRR, did you pay for that beer?" He didn't reply. he kept rolling this wheelchair. So I ran after him. But running after a old guy in the wheelchair is really embarrassing. I ran half heartedly, hoping he would stop and stop me and himself from the embarrassment, but he didn't stop. He sped up his wheelchair and ran(?) even faster. He crossed the four lane road and kept going. I was a little shocked and little embarrased that I was chasing a old guy in the wheelchair. It must have looked so funny...

Anyways, I finally caught him, I found out that he was drunk too. He was not a sick old guy, but a drunk old guy. Now the problem for me was, i didn't knew how to handle him. and remember, this is US, so I have to be politically correct even with the low life thief. I think i said something like, "Sir! what the hell are you doing? trying to steal are in a f%*&ing wheelchair!!!" He asked me in his drunken innocent tone, "I don't know what are you talking about. I paid for this."

"Paid? paid to whom?"
"To the guy on the other counter." He replied. Now i was in a real dilemma. Since I hadn't really heard my friend's response, for a split second, I thought may be he had already paid for the beer to the other guy. Now THAT would be really embarrassing.

But why didn't he stop when I told him to do so? "There is no other guy working there. I am the only one." I bluffed. He kept saying that he had already paid for the beer and didn't knew what I was talking about, but handed me the beer. I came back to store with the beer and he went his way. I was so very relieved when my friend said that he hadn't sold anything to that guy in wheelchair.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

A call to home

After nearly 2 weeks, I called my parents today. The moment my dad said 'hello', I jut felt overwhelmed. Mom said that she expected me to call yesterday. She also asked me why I hadn't called for such a long time. I didn't knew what to say. Was I too busy...may be. But too busy to make a call to home...huh.

Actually I have been busy for past two weeks. i have been working my ass off. I was practically tired whole last week. But I kept going. Its not like there is much choice anyways. I wonder what will happen to me in summer...

It is on times like this I feel so lonely here, and miss my home even more. Back at home, I had home. I had relatively good job as a project manager (even if it was on EB Pearls). Now I live in a apartment and i work in a lousy store. Was coming here even worth it...? I sure hope so.

In fact I know it is worth it.but when your mother tells you that she is waiting for you, a lot of things stops to make sense...

Anyways, I know things wont change for better any sooner. So I will be doing all that I have been doing. All you who care for me don't need to worry, I know what I have to do...This is life right..

Sagar, get well soon.Love you.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

How do I look...:)

HEY I forgot to upload this photo in my last post. I look so different, dont I? Well, i have been trying to grow my hair...

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Finally some fun in US

After more than 2 months of coming to US, I finally had some good time in US. Since its spring break this week, We organized a party for the Nepali students of Oklahoma city University. We went to Hefner Lake which is about 6 miles from the University.

It was a barbeque party and here is the picture of barbecue that we had.

...and here we are enjoying the barbecue.

I and Grishma made a stupa from the sand.

and here is the finished product.

and finally here id the group photo of all of us who went there today.
Wel its not really all of us. One friend had to leave early because he had to go to work.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

हाईकु प्रयास

जमेको पानी
उनिहरुको मन
दुबै धमिलो।

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

missing out on F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

I just watched a tribute for the F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
Its over here.

I have watched almost every show of FRIENDS. Its really one of my best TV show. Once you get to know the character, its so easy to fall in love with them.

Thats why I felt so bad when watching the 10th season finale. Knowing that i wouldn't be seeing them anymore, felt almost like losing an actual friend then. The part where they show an empty apartment and eventually the six keys that belonged to each of them in the counter...that was so moving.

Now that I am far from my friends and family, I can relate to the sadness of lost friends even more. Even when I return back to Nepal, so many things would have changed. I would have missed so many things. One of those things that I will never get in my life again, is to watch my little 'bhanja' grow up. He was 2 years and something when I came here. When I will get back he will be at least 4 years. I will have missed 2 years of his childhood just like that. If there weren't others who would talk about me in front of him, he might as well forget all about me...

I miss my mother who, I know misses me even more. I hope my brother is taking care of her. Then there is my dad, brother, my sister...everyone. Sometimes I even miss my job at EB Pearls... And of course I miss that special person, the person whom I cherish, whom I love.

I didn't really set out to bore you all by writing about the things I miss. but when I started writing about the show...i couldn't help it.


Thursday, March 1, 2007

If I found a time machine

It breaks my heart to see very good domain names go to waste.

Today I suddenly got an idea for a website and thought up a perfect name for it. But when I checked for that domain name, I found out that this particular domain had already been registered at 2003. What is more tragic is that this domain has not really been used. This is a parked domain and all it has are advertising links.

Though I really think Internet should be free, I think there is need to regulate such things. Domain names shouldn't go to waste like this. June 2005 survey[1] by shows that at that time there were around 66 millions!!! websites registered. out of which only 29 millions are active. Of course these numbers must have changed substantially, but it still gives the picture of the waste of the domain names.

I know there is not good solution to this. In face even my own personal site is in the 'under construction' state. but still, it feels bad when I cannot get the domain names I want.

If I ever get hold of a time machine, I would travel to past just so I can register all the domains I want...


Monday, February 26, 2007


I just came back from work and I have to be back at work tomorrow morning at 7:00am. This is frustrating....

I am determined to blog

Awardspaces' mySql server is down again. What a surprise...huh...

Anyways, its already 3:15 am and I should have gone to bed a lot earlier, but I dont want to sleep. Also I am determined to post something here. Since I am blank as usual, I will post one of my grandfather's poem. He wrote this when my grandmother was sent back to her 'maiti' during his BE exams re.

बलि रहेको बत्तिमा,
हावा आएर सित्तिमा
निभाई छाड्यो आखिर
छैन शक्ती सतिमा।

i know its vague. But he was refering to the fact that my grandmother didn't really want to go. But the father of my grandfather thought she would distract him during his exams.

BTW, my grandfather is Mr. Poshan prasad Pandey. If you guys dont know him, does 'भिनाजुको स्वेटर' ring any bells in your mind...?

Saturday, February 24, 2007

talking with frens

I love to talk with my friends.
Its already 1: 14 am. and I am still chatting.
i am going to sleep in my work tomorrow. तर work मा पुगे त हो नि सुत्ने। भोलि बिहान ६ बजे नै कसरी उठ्ने हो?

bore छ यार US ko life...

Friday, February 23, 2007

NOT a हाईकु

तिम्रो माया
मेरो सास
दुबै रित्तेछ।

Commited to blogging

I had written at least 4 paragraphs, and I freaking deleted them all...And ctrl+Z didnt work...This is really frustrating...especially if you are trying to start blogging. Anyways, lets see if I can write it all again without throwing my computer...I am so full with rage right now.

I was saying that I found my old blog name. I had opeend that account in March 2006 after reading Sangharsha's blogs. Similar to this time, I also remember stuglling to write some words in my first posting and not being able to comeup with anything...Its so hard for me to put my thoughts into writing. I look for the perfect words and perfect sentences...and in this search process loose track to what I was initially going to write about. After that first post, i havent blogged again...

But now once agian, with sangharsha's inpiration, i opened this account. I hope to keep this one though. Coz' I have changed and things around me have changed. I am now in US. Its been about a month and half since I have been to US. and this place...i dont know what to say...well the most appropriate word is...'sucks'. This place sucks. Ya. This place really really sucks.

I am missing my frens and family. And I am missing my little bhanja even more. I have tons of work to do...assignments, study for exam, prepare for the presentation next week and still get time to work in the f*#king store...I sometime even miss working in EB Pearls! How desperate am I? huh...

Hey! I lost track of what I was writing about didn't I? What I wanted to say was thank Sangharsha. Thank you.

c' ya.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

No idea at all

I wonder why I opened this account... I have nothing to write.

I was inspired by sangharsha's blog (, but looks lke I am not made to blog...

i am blank...just no idea at all about what to write...

may be later....