Sunday, February 17, 2008

No life no title

God, i need people to talk to.
I hate these people.
I think I will explode.
Nothing helps.
God this hurts.
I resent you.
No wait, I don't resent you.
Ignorance would be such a bliss.
I wish I couldn't read between the lines.
So what were you saying? I was busy listening to the things you were not saying.
Recreational drugs.
Why put raincoat when you are already wet.
Alone and TV barely helps.
Would you stop being nice already. Its boring.
Remove your heart and you will be fine.
What is the price of my sanity?
And I thought I knew the answer.
Far Away.

I have nothing to say. Nothing.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Love needs a holiday...

Last week, i asked one of my friend, what were his plans for Valentines day. He hadn't made any special plan with his girlfriend as he (and his girlfriend) didn't exactly believe in the V-day. He said that if you love someone, everyday has to be and can be a valentines day and there is no point in treating one particular day as a special one. Even though he is right about there being nothing significant about the date February 14 (except may be for the Hallmark), I don't think the idea of 'everyday, valentines day' is a possibility. Especially for a long mature relationship.

New love is exciting in all ways. But if you want love to evolve into long term "meaningful" relation, the level of excitement has to go down. After sometime, as things calm down and the thrill of new love eventually wears off, it might get pretty routine and almost boring. Add to that the pressure from real life responsibilities and the notion of 'everyday V-day' seems more like work than fun.

People change. The way they think, their perception, their action and reaction, their interest and behavior, their responsibility with the family, job and society, everything changes as time passes. Change is inevitable and love is no exception to this rule. As people in love change, their relation changes. You may be hard believer of 'eternal love' but you cannot deny the evolution of love. Love changes and there is nothing we can do to stop the change. What we can do however is to accept the changes and try to make best out of it. We might try to rekindle the flame that once lit in our heart as love.

There is a song called called 'Love needs a holiday' sung by popular country singer Reba McEntire. Its about a married couple who go out to spend a weekend by themselves so that they can rejuvenate their love. They had been so busy with their house, kids, jobs whatever, they had almost forgotten about each other. The song is about how their little getaway helped them find each other.

...its hard to be lovers
when life gets into the way
Sometimes, love needs a holiday...

I truly believe each word in this song. There might not be much room for love to breath when we are filled with the intricacies of our daily life. We owe it to ourselves and our significant others to take life out of our the way, so that love can come to us again. We cannot get out of our life and responsibilities every day but its not impossible to do so at least once a year. That day doesn't have to be February 14, but since its already here, lets make use of this day. Next year may be we will choose some other date.

Happy Valentines day everyone.