Monday, February 26, 2007


I just came back from work and I have to be back at work tomorrow morning at 7:00am. This is frustrating....

I am determined to blog

Awardspaces' mySql server is down again. What a surprise...huh...

Anyways, its already 3:15 am and I should have gone to bed a lot earlier, but I dont want to sleep. Also I am determined to post something here. Since I am blank as usual, I will post one of my grandfather's poem. He wrote this when my grandmother was sent back to her 'maiti' during his BE exams re.

बलि रहेको बत्तिमा,
हावा आएर सित्तिमा
निभाई छाड्यो आखिर
छैन शक्ती सतिमा।

i know its vague. But he was refering to the fact that my grandmother didn't really want to go. But the father of my grandfather thought she would distract him during his exams.

BTW, my grandfather is Mr. Poshan prasad Pandey. If you guys dont know him, does 'भिनाजुको स्वेटर' ring any bells in your mind...?

Saturday, February 24, 2007

talking with frens

I love to talk with my friends.
Its already 1: 14 am. and I am still chatting.
i am going to sleep in my work tomorrow. तर work मा पुगे त हो नि सुत्ने। भोलि बिहान ६ बजे नै कसरी उठ्ने हो?

bore छ यार US ko life...

Friday, February 23, 2007

NOT a हाईकु

तिम्रो माया
मेरो सास
दुबै रित्तेछ।

Commited to blogging

I had written at least 4 paragraphs, and I freaking deleted them all...And ctrl+Z didnt work...This is really frustrating...especially if you are trying to start blogging. Anyways, lets see if I can write it all again without throwing my computer...I am so full with rage right now.

I was saying that I found my old blog name. I had opeend that account in March 2006 after reading Sangharsha's blogs. Similar to this time, I also remember stuglling to write some words in my first posting and not being able to comeup with anything...Its so hard for me to put my thoughts into writing. I look for the perfect words and perfect sentences...and in this search process loose track to what I was initially going to write about. After that first post, i havent blogged again...

But now once agian, with sangharsha's inpiration, i opened this account. I hope to keep this one though. Coz' I have changed and things around me have changed. I am now in US. Its been about a month and half since I have been to US. and this place...i dont know what to say...well the most appropriate word is...'sucks'. This place sucks. Ya. This place really really sucks.

I am missing my frens and family. And I am missing my little bhanja even more. I have tons of work to do...assignments, study for exam, prepare for the presentation next week and still get time to work in the f*#king store...I sometime even miss working in EB Pearls! How desperate am I? huh...

Hey! I lost track of what I was writing about didn't I? What I wanted to say was thank Sangharsha. Thank you.

c' ya.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

No idea at all

I wonder why I opened this account... I have nothing to write.

I was inspired by sangharsha's blog (, but looks lke I am not made to blog...

i am blank...just no idea at all about what to write...

may be later....