Thursday, January 31, 2008

Seems like some clarification is due...

I received unexpected responses to my posting on the 28th Jan in which I asked 'what to do if you stop loving(liking) a person?'. People have been asking me questions like "Are you all right? what happened?" They thought my own relationship was in trouble. Let me assure you Personally I am not facing this problem.

Then there were you concerned that I was talking about you. Let me reassure that it is none of you. Even if I was talking about anyone in particular, I am sure he doesn't read my blogs. So once again I was not talking about YOU.

My question did come from my own experience however. I have been in the US for over a year now. Over this I have met many people with whom I have made good friends. There aren't many Nepali people here in the city and so its almost like all of us live together as a family. Its the first survival rule. You try to stick with your kind.

In Nepal, it would be easy solution. In fact there wouldn't be this problem at all. I would just ignore this person and avoid any contact. Its not that easy here. I cannot avoid this person even though i don't like his/her company anymore. The person I am talking about is friendly, helpful and all in all a good person. I honestly don't know why I dont like this person. There are no reasons that I can see.

Also, I don't want to break the friendship. Thats why I asked what to do. I didn't want to explain all this and so tried to ask in a short version. I had hoped the short question would be better, but it inadvertently created unnecessary speculations.

Now that I explained it further, I would love to know your opinion about my situation.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Once again ...हाइकु प्रयास

Few days ago, I realized that I waste time too much watching videos at home (Home...?). So I stayed till 10:00 pm at office today even though I am off the clock at 7:30 on Wednesdays. I read a few blogs, visited forums, read articles. It was fun. I even opened a yahoo account. At home all I can do search for new episodes of comedy series. May be I will make a habit of staying late at office from now on.

After I came back, as usual I started watching "South Park". Here is a great line i heard just now. The message is so serious, but it seemed so funny coming out of an odd character of 'South park.'

...'isms' are great for those who are rational, but on hands of irrational people,'isms' always lead to violence...

Also, all that blog reading put me in the mood to try writing a haiku again.
दैव तिमीले
नसुनेको ठिकै छ
मेरो प्रार्थना

Monday, January 28, 2008

What happens if you simply stop loving

I realize its been a long time since i have posted anything. And that whatever small number of people used to come to my blog must have stopped coming a long time ago. However, I have a question that I hope you can help find an answer to.

The question that I have is, "What happens if you simply stop loving somebody the way you used to? What do you do?"

Remember I am not only talking about a boy-girl relationship. (And I am definitely not talking about MY own relationship). I am also talking about the other relations. Say you have a long time friend who comes to your house regularly. Or a office colleague who you have to share your projects with. What do you do if you start hating their guts for no apparent reasons. Has it ever happened to you? HAve you ever started "not liking" a person that you used to be fond of and you cannot find the reasons for this change?