Monday, May 28, 2007

TV tv tv

You know what? TV is a fascinating thing. I have been watching it for 3 hours and there hasn't be a single thought in my mind for all that time. So at this point i really have no idea what I came here to post.

Oh ya, I remember now. I got a new job. It is nearer to my apartment so the things did turn out for better after all.

hmm...back to the show now/

Monday, May 21, 2007


Hey for all you there asking me about my "halchal". Here is news. I got fired from one of my job today. And I have no idea how I feel about it. I know I need to work and work a lot on summer so that I will have enough money for the next summer. but I don't have to go to work tomorrow...and that somehow makes me feel a lot good.

TV rots your mind

Yes no... may be
I don't know.
Can you repeat the question
You're not the boss of me now
You're not the boss of me now
You're not the boss of me now
and you're not so big


life is unfair.

If anyone has noticed, I haven't really posted anything here for a long time now. I have been busy past week, I had to work like crazy. Not really my choice, but few people left work and I had to fill their place. This week I plan to go easy on myself. But the fact that I was busy is not really the reason I went cold.

I have been watching TV. And by TV I mean watching the TV shows in my laptop of course. Thats all I do nowadays actually. I have been watching 'Malcolm in the middle' lately. This show is hilarious. Believe it or not, I am currently on my 46th episode. And I am quite sure that I will finish watching at least 5 more episodes before I finish writing this.

Its basically all I do nowadays. I go to work, come back to the apartment and watch TV. I stay up really late. I open laptop as soon as I get up just to watch more. I have tons of things that needs to be done. Enrollment for next semester's classes is just one of those things. But I have got no time for that. I have to watch TV. may be next week...

Hey, by the way Gaurav, Malcolm reminds me of you very much. He is smart, witty and totally weird...

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

290 dollars in a dirty pant

I always check the pockets of my clothes before I toss them into the laundry basket. That was exactly what I was doing today, when suddenly, I found a stash of money in one of them. Guess how much was it. It was two hundreds and ninety dollars!!!

I was more surprised than happy. I couldn't remember where that money come from and that freaked me. It must have been one of my salaries. But how could I have been so negligent? It must have been months since that money was there because I couldn't even remember how I got that money. So I decided I would take the money straight to the bank.

But the problem was, I was almost already late for work. But I had made up my mind. I couldn't be so careless with my hard-earned money. So with this spirit of self-improvement, I called work at told that I will be a little late called the work to tell them I will be a little late and went straight to the bank to deposit the money.

After depositing the money, I went straight to work. I told one of my friends there that I found two hundred ninety dollars in my dirty clothes. He was nagging me for a treat when my cell phone rang. It was my room partner. I was eager to tell him about my fortune, but he cut me short. He asked me If I found his money.


"Ya, I had about 300 in one of my pant, did you find it by any chance?"

So that was where the money had come. I couldn't remember how I got that money, because I never really got that. The pant that I found belonged to my room partner. You know how it is right, All the jeans pant look basically the same. I was so embarrassed...and out of words, I found it hard to explain him how I got his money.

Monday, May 7, 2007


I really really want to write something here today, but my mind is too crowded. I am trying best to concentrate on one subject, but there is just too many things in my mind. Or may be there is nothing in my mind right now..i don't know what is true. may be I am thinking too much.

I don't feel that good today. Its 3:42 am and although sleepy, I don't want to go to bed. I have nothing to do...but I don't want to go to bed. I am afraid, I may not get asleep soon...afraid, I might start to think about the things, I don't want to think about right now.

There is a storm outside. The wind, the rain...they are making strange noises. Back in the home, I would be enjoying them. I used to love it when it rained. I would go to the roof of my house to catch the rain. I would my room's windows to let the wind come inside. But here,...they scare me. Wind...leave me alone.

Alone. I am not alone. I have friends here, whom I have known for more than 4 months now. These are good bunch of peoples you know. You may not know this, coz' you have never met them. But as I said, I have been living with them for four months and these are good people. So i am not really alone...but I am definitely lonely, lonely as hell.

Let me ask you a question. Just after you get awake in the morning, before you get up from the bed, what do you think about? Do you think about all the things that you will do in this new day. Do you think like...hmmm...what is one good thing that will happen today? when will I smile today? When will I feel good today? If you do think like this, what will you do if you have nothing to hope for? nothing to expect...

Well you just get up anyways and start to brush your teeth right? Thats exactly what I do here. Every freaking day...I get up and brush my teeth.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Summer starts today

It seems like only yesterday when I came to US. But today, my first semester is over. Summer starts from tomorrow. Some students are happy about it because, for them summer means fun, but for us summer means work. more and more work. I feel tired even thinking about it.