Thursday, September 6, 2007

This class sucks

This class is really boring. Its supposed to be a really live class with lots of discussion and conversations, considering its a class for a course as vague as 'IT and future'. Mostly it because of the professor. Apparently He is new to this subject matter and to the 3 and half hours of class format. i can tell he is an experienced guy, but he fails miserably trying to pass it on to us. This sucks...

I am so bored, I am writing this blog while he is still speaking. He is practically reciting something from the book. I dont know what. He keeps refering to his job to give example, some of them totally irrelevant to the subject matter he is trying to teach. blah blah blah...

You might be wondering why I am complaining about boring class. Most people find and expect classes to be dull. I however expect more exciting classes. Especially since this is supposed to be IT class, I have lot to say. But everyone else seems to be sleeping or browsing net, I would rather keep quite. I am tired, almost starving and sleepy after whole day of work. It would help if classes were more fun, but no luck there.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

One hell of a weekend... Part 2

As I was saying, We had momo party yesterday, which was Saturday. Today 8 of us went to Wichita falls. This place is in Texas. Its about 2 hours drive from Oklahoma City. Its a funny story actually. When we decided to go to Wichita falls, all of us thought that other person knew about this place. After we went half the way, we realized none of us knew for sure if there was a waterfall in Wichita fall. We has only assumed it from the name.

it turned out that the water fall that Wichita is known for is a small man made "waterfall" inside a park. Anyways, it was a fun place.

By the way, if I look like I have gained a few pounds, its because I cut my hair short again. :)

One hell of a weekend...Part 1

This weekend was all about fun. Last Saturday, We invited new Nepali guys and girls who came to Oklahoma this semester for a momo party. This party rocked. Momo, few cans (actually 36) of beer, blazing music made this night a whole lot of fun. It was especial for me because I made some new friends and amended a few old ones. It was really a blast.

Here are some of the pics from this party.

Here are the momos. It was not as tasty as the ones that we have back at home, but it was momo nevertheless. THese are turkey momos by the way.

Making momos...


The party ended at about 2:00 am after the 2 hour session of Antaksheri between this team...

...and this team.

This happened on Saturday night. On Sunday We went to Wichita falls. This story is for the 2nd part.