Monday, August 27, 2007

My new classes and new life

My classes started today. I got transferred to another University, so it was a new place, new professor, new subject and new friends. Though being tired and almost starving, I was amazingly able to be attentive in the class. It may be because of excitement of taking classes after almost 3 months of "work all you can" summer, but I listened to all the things the professor said. It was not easy mind you. Because classes here run for whole 3 and half hours!!! And I got away with watching the clock only 3 times around the end of classes.

I took Organization and Operation management today. I have one more class this week on Thursday. I think its Information technology and future, but I am not sure. I will look it up tomorrow. By the way, last two days were my first free weekend ever. This was the first time after coming to US that I didn't work in the weekends. This might not seem like a big deal to you, but you should ask other guys here, who work in all the shifts they can find so that they can afford to pay the tuition fees.

If you haven't realized already, I am in better moods nowadays. I got a good job,(thats the reason , I can afford to take weekends off). Stupid summer is over, so I am not working extra hours. i have moved to better house. Classes have started. I have better friends now. And I hear good news about my home. I am really amazed at the way things have turned around for me these days. It must be my parents blessings. I have no words enough to thank them. Love you mom. Love you dad.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

EB Pearls dream(ing?) team

It must be at least 5 months earlier that I came up with this idea for the blog. But quite obviously, I had forgotten about it. But today as I was checking for things to delete in my laptop, I stumbled upon these picture that I collected as I said 5 months ago.

I do realize that most if not all of people including me are not working in EB Pearls anymore. However it still seemed as funny as hell. One point I will like to point out here and I can't stress it enough is that I do NOT have any hard feelings about EB Pearls. In fact I liked it there. I mean how can I not? It was my first job and I made really great friends there. So here is, with out further ado, the EB Pearls dream(ing?) team.

And ya, Any current or ex EB Pearls employee who wishes to join EB pearls dream(ing?) team please send me your picture with eyes closed.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Man, its been a long time

It has been a long time since I was here doing this. and by 'this' I mean writing a blog, if you didn't get it. What brings be back you say. Well I just visited which is the website launched by 'geico insurance'. Geico has created a unique character, 'a caveman' who gets offended, because their ad says "Gieco insurance, its so easy a caveman could do it." They are really pushing around with this caveman idea for their marketing. They have whole bunch of TV commercials, that centers around this caveman character having an existential breakdown, because of their ads. They even launched this site

Anyways, the point is that I visited this site, and this caveman character has maintained a blog. and if the caveman can write a blog, so can I.

Well may be not today, I need to go back to work. Its been two hour since I came to office and I have not started working.

Oh ya, I almost forgot, I need to call my bank too. later...

However, a quick note. If you dont have a clue what I was babbling about, try searching for caveman ads from geico, you will understand...or may be not, if you are a caveman.