Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Rain. Don't you just love it?

If I ever said, i didn't like rain, it was a lie. I just love it when it rains. The sound, the scent that rises when the rain first hits the dry ground, the blurry vision, everything makes me happy. The more violent, move I love it. It has a strange effect on my mood.

Rain, to me can represent any emotions. When you are sad, rain feels like someone is doing all the crying for you. Like everyone is sad because you are sad. So you don't have to shed any tears. Its as if the whole world is sad because you are in a bad mood. and that can make your heart a little lighter.

When you are happy, rain just adds to the fun. Ever watched the rain in the light at night time. When the wind blows them, every drop of water falling from sky seems as if they are dancing to the song of the water hitting the ground. I love that rhythm. Makes my heart as light at the clouds that rains come from.

Rain is romantic too. Think of walking in the rain, holding hands of that special someone you love. Think of forgetting to open the umbrella that you have in your other hand. Also laughing about it after realizing that you have umbrella. But still not opening that umbrella. Just think...

I cannot help but go outside and watch at least once when it rains. Thats what I just did and came back to write this blog. If you are reading this, and its raining, its just one hell of a coincidence. However that has a little chance of happening. Still, I know once thing for sure. That next time when it rains, you will think of me at least once...and that makes rain more special to me.

Monday, June 11, 2007

tomorrow...I promise

I was sure I will have something to write here today, but apparently I have gotten too lazy for this now...Tomorrow I promise. Anyways here is a cute kid that lives in the apartment next to mine. He reminds me of my bhanja so much. This little guy mixes english and Spanish when he talks. So we understand nothing of what he says. So we talk with him in Nepali.